Welcome to AICE

Australian International College of English is a prestigious school in the heart of Sydney. We pride ourselves on excellence in teaching, student services and educational opportunities. We are small enough to make your experiences here feel like a family gathering but large enough to offer the best opportunities for growth and experiences here in Australia.

AICE has a fantastic location in the heart of the city and is easily reached by public transit. From the school, it is a short walk to the harbour, shopping centres and museums.

We have state-of-the-art computer facilities, wireless internet and a beautiful campus for you to study in. Our teachers hail from English speaking countries around the world. With energetic and enthusiastic teachers who are fully-qualified and extensively experienced in teaching English, our students achieve astonishing results in minimal time.

Our Integrated English programme is unique, useful and entertaining. We use audio-visual materials combined with original teaching materials to help students achieve marked improvement to language abilities.